The Ridiculous Elitism

Elitism is alive and well and thrives like a fleas on a homeless dog in Mexico.  It is why we all seem to strive for celebrityhood and why we are easily disillusioned and dissatisfied with life.  Elitism drives me absolutely crazy.  I hate, no I loathe, the common theme of elitism that says, “I’m cool and you’re not,” that is especially prominent in the art and fashion worlds.  I can’t tell you much about fashion, except that ten percent of it seems actually wearable, and the shoes would better serve purpose at Guantanamo.  The fashion world also specifically highlights the class division where the wealthy person can afford to be highly fashionable and mere mortals have to be a bit more creative, thus in turn and ironically, churns out the more fashionable.  The art world has it’s own class division, as everyone knows art moves onto wealthy people to buy, but  in the eye of the artist, the art world has it’s own elitism in terms of art being made for other artists who can understand the references to philosophy and art history, making the average person feel stupid or inadequate because they lack the art education, which by the way is costly.  Also with the birth of the celebrity artist (thank you Andy Warhol), artists are not motivated purely to be expressive, inventive, or clever, but they are motivated by fame.  This just makes me want to vomit on the Statue of Liberty.  If you don’t believe me, then look at what’s happening to Banksy.  He is now the new cash cow, and will be soon reduced to pushing his designs on ties and trainers.  Nevermind, I just Googled Banksy clothing, and  well, here you go, a Banksy tee shirt.  Well done Banksy, you prat!

Fame is the air to the fire of elitism, and sure, money is important, but integrity is everything.  Elitism is not going anywhere, and that is fine, but does it have to penetrate even the parts of society that promote individualism and expression.  How silly is that??


Lots of mothers out there, and I am one, do not believe their soul purpose in life is motherhood, and finding time to fulfill desires outside of motherhood is quite difficult.  I find myself staying up late just milking my free time, even if it’s to catch a movie on tv.  Being inventive and stealing time wherever possible has been invaluable to me.  I read when my children take baths.  Even if it’s five pages, it makes me happy.  After lunch, my daughter naps and my son just likes to chill and watch his tv programs that are not appropriate for his sister to watch, so he has his own sense of ‘me time’ and this frees me up for an hour to draw in my sketchbook or scan drawings and make them into fabrics.  Both of my children sleep until 8 in the morning, I could easily wake up earlier and accomplish even more.  Unfortunately I have yet tapped into my inner early bird.  But, at least I know it’s there.  The reality of it, basically, is I have to choose projects that allow me to put them down and pick them back up easily.  So, I don’t often paint, or write long stories, but I do things that need little thought and commitment, like this blog.  This entry has taken me the entire day to write during my tid-bits of time.

Onto what my me time looks like.  Here are my newest fabric designs and actual fabrics (I finally had enough to buy some) that I have created in the past few weeks.  When you look at these, remember they represent time that I have managed to create and even though sometimes it maybe minutes, it does build up enough to feel a sense of accomplishment.  It’s nothing you’d see in the White Cube, but it’s something that lends itself to filling my creative drive.

the wrestling mask

she loves you

she loves you tattoo

up and down carousel

flower tile collage (using paper)

the queen's bots


reupholstered chairs

(I finally reupholstered these little bistro chairs from the beginning of summer!)

Let’s talk briefly how how I’ve been a slacker on this blog.  I try to write once a month, and well I missed September, so I will be writing twice this month.  I’ll try to come up with more useful information that isn’t so full of hot air and focus on Halloween and how brilliant it is.

Let us move onto the things I have found and are awesome.

Shout outs:

Okay, so if you have HBO you must watch Bored to Death.  It’s so hilarious and I love love the cast.  Ted Danson is pure genius in it.  Yeah, I said it, Ted Danson from Cheers and Becker (bah-hahaha).  If you don’t have HBO, the first season is on DVD, and it’s really good, especially the last episode.  The second season, which is on now,  is so brilliant!

From the first season:

Also, if you are a fan of 30 Rock, then you have to get on Twitter and read KanyeJordan.  Basically, it takes every tweet Kanye West makes and puts Liz Lemon in front of it, but if you read it aloud, it’s really funny.  It’s spot on.  Kanye West is a bit strange and now I understand what kind of character he really is.

If you like video art and are tired of the shanangins of YouTube, try  This is a lovely video from the site:

Really cool site with really cool images