Arnie the Doughnut….

…a great book by Laurie Keller (click here to see) and my son is completely thrilled about it. So I thought I should pass along this little gem of a book to others. Arnie has been such a hot topic in the house that I finally cracked open my Williams-Sonoma doughnut cake pan, and yes, I’ll buy practically anything if it’s on sale at Williams-Sonoma. I’m so glad I did because it worked like a charm! Here are pics of our Arnie tribute cakes we named Barney and Marnie (cousins?). You can see that my son got carried away with the sprinkles on his cake. In his case more is definitely more and Marnie looks like he got himself a winter coat.


Arnie has also taken over my creative thoughts, as I created this pattern from being overwhelmed with personified (and dogified?) doughnuts!

doughnut circus

You can see my doughnut circus in the latest contest, so please vote for it and whoever else’s design you fancy.  Here are some more designs I’ve been working on, trying to keep up with the contests on Spoonflower.

shark crosss stitch



roller derby paper doll chain

wild horses reversible skirt pattern


butterfly accumulation modern retro

I’ve been plugging away at self promotion, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I realize that it is truly essential if you want to be found, you must have signs that point to you.  So I’ve worked on my website and I’ve also made a facebook page BabySisterRae so check it out.  Please like me if you’d like, as I’d be most grateful!  And thank you if you have.  You can also like my Spoonflower fabric page here too.  Any shout outs are awesome and greatly appreciated.

Well, with all the shite happening in London, and other parts of England, I am going to simply put a list of awesome modern comedies that will deter any negative attention on the UK because let’s face it, it’s a lovely country and it’s coolness massively outweighs it’s bouts of lameness.

Peep Show

Gavin and Stacey

I’m Alan Partridge


Vicar of Dibley

The Office


An Idiot Abroad

The Trip



(If I’ve missed any GOOD modern comedies, please include them in the comments box below, thanks!)

My cousin Jamin is the founder of an awesome company called Ishlab.  If you have a business that needs inspiring and creative music playing in the background or foreground; if you are an artist that needs to hire studio to make your music Ishlab (based in Brooklyn) is the place to go.  You can also keep connected through facebook.  Here’s a tune from Ishlab:

And lastly, a music recommendation from my lovely brother called Hymn 101 by Joe Pug

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
Aldous Huxley